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We provide complete heating, plumbing, renewable energy and building solutions that are designed to fit your budget with regard to installation and energy running costs.

This includes:

• Conventional gas central heating and all aspects of plumbing

• Air-source heat pumps

• Ground-source heat pumps

• Under-floor heating

• Solar photovoltaic panels

Building Services.

We can also upgrade your property (e.g. insulation and double glazing) to prevent heat loss as this may be a cost effective way to reduce the power your system requires, so saving installation, plant and long term running costs.

We provide tailor made solutions for both domestic and commercial clients.

Key to our approach is providing you with choice. Spiralling energy costs coinciding with advances in and affordability of low carbon technology mean that systems such as air source heat and ground source pumps are affordable alternatives to gas boilers as well as being cheaper to run!

Your Building's Needs

Buildings have differing rates of heat loss due to size, construction method, materials and condition.

We look at the thermal performance of your property and premises as insulation might be a cost effective solution, meaning that you can achieve your desired heating performance using less energy. Some installers merely "oversize" a system to cover any building defect and this will result in significantly larger energy costs and CO2 omissions.

Also you may have been considering renewable technology such as heat pumps and we can offer you the pros and cons of conventional gas central heating versus renewable energy in relation to your building.

Your Needs

We all have different heating and energy needs. You may want the lower initial cost of a gas heating system which is more expensive to run or the lower running costs but higher installation cost of a ground source heat pump that will over time will recoup the initial investment. The choice is yours!

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